"Discovering the Power of God's Love through Creation"

The aspect I enjoy the most about Gary's teaching, is his use of analogies.  God has given Gary the ability to see everyday life situations, parallel them with Biblical Scripture, and share them in a way that is truly a gift.I enjoy Gary's comfortable demeanor and teaching style, that further helps you understand Gods Word in a relaxed manner. Not only have I grown through Gary's teaching, he has made me look around at Gods creation, and realize that Biblical principles surround us every day! Praise God!

-Noah Tafolla

Kathy and I have been so blessed over the last 11 years to be shepherded by the sweet and gentle yet vibrant visual picture that you paint when you share with us God's truths. Your approach to bringing the word alive is refreshing and imprints an unforgettable picture of the message on our hearts. R. Abraham Herschel referred to parables as "basket handles." Much like a story told, we retain so much more when we have a medium that condenses the information to something that we can see and carry with us. If we consider the Bible an enormous basket of information, how can we carry that basket with us if we have no handles? I know how patient you have been in the development of this project. Galatians 6:9 says "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Again, the peaks and

valleys the God has taken you through have provided you with personal real life testimonies to strengthen the message. Gary, I believe that God has brought you through all that, bending, shaping, mending, molding and transforming you along the way, for a time such as this. Your message is timely and provides us with a clear, true and impactful presentation of His Word. Your shepherding and the way that you bring the Bible to life allows us to be more deeply and richly equipped for every good work. I thank God for the divine appointment that He made bringing you into my life. My walk with God is stronger as a result. May the Light of Jesus continue to shine brightly in you and through you wherever He takes you.

-Dave Thompson


Back in January 1997 I met with you for the very first time. I was broken and didn't know where to turn. My marriage had just ended in divorce and I didn't see the purpose of going forward. You instructed me to rededicate my life to Christ and allow The Lord to reveal Himself to me through his ever surrounding beauty. You gave me a verse to hold onto, that to this day I lean on continuously. 1 Timothy 6:6 " Godliness with contentment is great gain. " That verse has changed my life eternally forever.


You have been given a gift of teaching others to hear and see The Lord through His wonderful creation. Your ability to teach others to hear Him through the chirping of birds, the beauty of the different colors of sand and rocks, the wind blowing through the tree's and the roaring of the ocean are only a few examples. Thank You for being obedient to God and teaching me years ago to see and hear our Heavenly Father!

-Mike Haynal

Pastor Gary is a man gifted in painting Word pictures that create colorful and descriptive mental images. These images and scenarios assisted listeners in following the gifting of the Spirit as Pastor Gary led my ministry in a devotion that opened hearts and minds to Christ Jesus. I have appreciated each of his visits and I look forward to working with him in the future!

-David Williams Jr.

MACS Minstry

Rock Church San Diego

I met Gary two years ago walking through the lobby of the Rock Church. The Holy Spirit was so evident in him that I had to talk with Gary. It was as if I had met an old lost friend. What I found was a man after God's own heart, glowing with the Spirit of God. Gary teaches the Word from his heart, through his brokenness, trust in the God's Word and sharing the promise that when we trust in God's written Word, we will be delivered.

-Brett Lanz


Gary's beautiful heart, down-to-earth teaching style, revelation of the scriptures, and his deep love for our Lord and Savior make him a relevant teacher of the gospel. Gary's passion about nature has budded a purpose that brings a heart into light. All ears that fall under the sound of Gary's voice will be blessed and leave with a mighty deposit.

-Perri Storey, Founder & Chief Steward

Never Knew a Father's Love Ministry