"Discovering the Power of God's Love through Creation"

A Walk through Nature is a dynamic multimedia presentation of the Gospel revealing God’s power and love through creation!

This dynamic presentation meets people right where they are:  Those who need the hope and salvation that only Jesus Christ can provide;  those who believe but find their spiritual vitality challenged by the cares of the world; and those who already have a vibrant relationship with God and want to embrace His call to further, committed service.   The impact of what is seen and heard will ruminate long after the message has been presented.


A Walk through Nature reveals and assures that God is ever speaking to those that have an ear to hear, eyes to see and a heart sensitive to understand God’s words of  LIFE, LOVE, and HOPE through His Word – and through what we see – His creation.


The Seashore analogy depicts salvation.  This poignant message comes alive as Gary shares his inspired observations and insights into how the ocean and the seashore symbolically portray God’s salvation message. 


The Fire analogy provides a vivid reminder of God’s love through trials and testings, and it encourages believers to submit themselves to God’s refining fire.  By allowing God’s fire to penetrate their lives daily, He can burn off the impurities in them.  Then His love can fill their hearts, bringing vibrant, spiritual health; and they will be ready for whatever He has prepared for them. This powerful message is intended to equip believers to grow in their most holy faith and to prepare them for service.


Last is the Honey Bee analogy which is designed to produce hope and encouragement that God has a unique plan for every believer.  Following salvation and complete surrender to God’s refining fire, believers need to wholeheartedly allow God to use the gifts and talents He has given them for His glory. This analogy gives hope that God will use each believer’s individual gifts to produce sweet fruit in his or her life.


About Gary Beneventi

This ministry has been developed over the last 23 years, birthed from Gary’s intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and nurtured through years of pastoral ministry.  Gary’s previous pastoral ministries have included: Director of the National Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-HIT-HOME; Marriage and Family Pastor at Horizon Christian Fellowship; teacher at Horizon Bible Institute; in-state missionary to Augusta, Georgia; Small Groups Pastor at The Rock Church in San Diego.  Gary's ministry experience has prepared him to present A Walk through Nature to the body of Christ with conviction, trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to be a vessel to empower and inspire believers!